Sunday, December 4, 2011

Its been a long long time......

I feel bad I havent blogged in oh so long, but who cares really right??

Readers Digest version of what has happened since last post.....

        We moved back to California! Long story short, i couldnt handle it. :) Lucy was born September 21st! (that gets its own post) Kelly is working at ADP, and FedEx. ADP is temporary for now, and we are hoping and praying he gets hired on. FedEx is only part time at night, and we are praying he gets a driving job there soon. So one of those HAS to work out, right? Moral of the story, he is no longer driving LONG distances, and we see him EVERYDAY!!!!

Emma is in School, and couldnt be happier about it! She goes 3 days a week and loves every moment of it. I love all the stories i get to hear. Its weird she has her own little life now, and stuff happens that i dont know about. haha.

I am doing good as well, nested the heck out of my house before Lucy came. And now just trying to adjust to having two little girls needing me and wanting me at the same time! Its amazing how multi tasking has become a new sport in my world. Some things seem impossible at first, and now i feel like an old pro.

Lucy is 2 months old ALREADY! i knew emma grew up fast, but sheesh i feel like it just happened! She is 11 pounds 1ounce, and 22 1/2 inches long. My lil nugget. she hasnt hit the 50th percentile just yest, but emma didnt get up there until she was 2 years old. Im thinking Lucy might be bigger than Emma. Emma is SUCH a great big sister! It really amazes me what a helper she wants to be, and how much she just truly LOVES lucy, she kisses her non stop. and will just stare at her and tell me, "Mom i can NOT believe we have a baby!!!"

All in all, life is hectic but we are happy to be HOME!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Cali Trip, Again

 Emma and i were pretty homesick, so we flew to CA for a few weeks, and boy did we need that sunshine and happiness! We were also there for Easter, and My sister-In-laws baby shower!!

We soaked up the sun on the beach. Although Emma discovered, she doesnt like it as much as she thought she did!

 Emma hid under her blanket, trying to get "comfortable"                         

nothin gets cuter!

Monday, March 28, 2011

St George is Where The Party is at!!

 We met up with Kelly and the friends in St George for the weekend! It was SO fun! My mom bought kites for all the kids!

 Daddy teaching emma
 So proud!

 At the bottom of the hill is a small putting green. The kids referred to it as mini golf!

 Emma would place the ball less than an inch from the hole, and would tap it in! thats MY girl!!
 Then Emma decided to take pics of some peoples

 And her shoe...

 We played Uno, pretty much all night!
 Even Sully got in on the action!
 On saturday we went to Las Vegas! We had lunch at Margaratiaville! Which normally its good, but this time was beyond awful. It took over an hour to get our food, and then our food was COLD! yuck

Emmas food was warm, and she made a mess! This pic cracks me up
 Then we walked the Blvd. Dont be fooled, this man and woman are NOT married, but they make a cute couple right?!

 We decided to ride the monorail back from the MGM. Best 5 bucks ever!
 They announcement said to hld on to the railing tightly! Luckily someone listened....
 And then we shopped til we dropped! Well, not really but we did go to a THREE STORY H&M!!
 Then we stopped to look at the fish!

 emma wanted this pic! so cute huh?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Heart Belongs in Cali

Emma and I got SPOILED these last couple weeks! My parents flew us out to Cali for a nice and MUCH needed visit!

I love this picture of emma! Looks nothing like her! we were both VERY tired, our flight left here at 630!

 Blogger is having a hard time, or i am. all this pictures arent moving where i want them!
 As soon as we got to Grammys (after breakfast with Ava, Jack, and TT at Mcdonalds!) we got in a swimsuit and played in the WARM WARM sunshine!!
 The next morning we went and got Emmas FAVORITE breakfast burritos from Molcasalsa! She kept saying, BEST BURRITO EVER!!!!
 We played with Grammys Ipad, A LOT.
 Pocky and Grammy got us lots of treats!!
 Thanks pocky for the bat and ball!
 We visited Nana and her Chickens! They have grown like 5 times the size they were! ( im terrible, and didnt get a picture of Emma and Nana, im terrible i know....)
 We hung out with friends!
 and cousins!
 Grammy did Emmas hair like Repunzel!!

 Ready for teacher, and SO SO SO excited to see her teacher!
 Uncle Devin and Emma got some bonding time toO!
 I love how she doesnt look fazed by how high in the air she is!

 played Duck Duck Goose! Emmas all time favorite game!!! She was laughing so hard, she could hardly talk!

 Emma learned how to take pictures of everyone.
 And slept....
 And then we were off to St George to meet up with Kelly, and our friends for the weekend! Thanks grammy for driving us!!!

 We stopped in Vegas for a little shopping! Thanks again Grammy and Pocky!!!!!!